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Entry #2


2017-02-09 20:51:52 by TwisterSparkz


          This is a map of Terraline. It's a concept map for a game I'm making up. I made a similar drawing on paper a few years ago, and now I'm using my tablet to bring to life... MWAHAHAHA. The concept for the game was sort of inspired by the Elder Scrolls series, as in it would work similarly inplay style. It wuld be an RPG that takes place from one of the 9 locations on the map. Basically you could play the game form 9 different peoples perspectives and have the game play out to a similar ending, though it's different for each chacter, basically giving it more variety and higher replay value. Soooooo, yeah. Now at this point I'm adressing this post to no one, RIP me, cuz i just started this, so who ever sees this, I hope it's not an eyesore. :)6247743_148669095411_terralinemap.jpg


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